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What is Lucasfilm Singapore?
Lucasfilm Ltd was founded by George Lucas in 1971 and is one of the world's leading fully-integrated film and entertainment companies. Lucasfilm Singapore – Lucasfilm Ltd’s studio in Singapore – produces digital animated content and visual effects. Working in partnership with Lucasfilm’s US based teams, including Industrial Light & Magic, the result is a highly-productive production pipeline with a complementary workflow.



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Jedi Masters Program


What is the Jedi Masters Program?
The Jedi Masters Program (JuMP) is a paid apprenticeship program at Lucasfilm Singapore, providing in-class training and on-floor mentorship in a real-world production environment for computer graphics artists interested in careers in visual effects and animation.

Who are the instructors?
The instructors and mentors are typically Lucasfilm staff – seasoned industry veterans from both the Singapore studio and our headquarters in California. We sometimes also bring in expert trainers from outside the company.

Is the Jedi Masters Program only open to Singaporeans/Singapore PRs?
The Jedi Masters Program is open to both Singaporeans / Singapore Permanent Residents. However, non Singaporeans are welcome to apply as long as there are no restrictions on their continued residence or employment  in Singapore. Consult the Singapore Ministry of Manpower for more information. Please note that Lucasfilm does not sponsor Pass or Visa applications.

I have not yet graduated from school. Am I eligible to apply to the Jedi Masters Program?
The Jedi Masters Program is designed for recent graduates as well as artists who already have some working experience. If you are currently enrolled in a university or polytechnic, you must complete your studies before applying to the Jedi Masters Program.

However, Lucasfilm Singapore has a variety of internships offered throughout the year which are a great opportunity for students to gain production experience while still in school. For more information, please refer to 'Internships' section

Are apprentices guaranteed a job after completing the Jedi Masters Program?
Following the successful completion of the Jedi Masters Program, apprentices may be offered a position at Lucasfilm Singapore, depending on the hiring needs of the studio at that time.

Is this a paid apprenticeship?
Yes, JuMP apprentices are paid a training stipend.

Do apprentices get a chance to work on real projects?
Yes! This is one of the most unique aspects of the Jedi Masters Program. Under supervision of an experienced mentor, apprentices have the opportunity to work on real projects alongside experienced artists.

I am a Singaporean male and I have not yet completed my National Service. Am I eligible to apply for the Jedi Masters Program?
Males with Singaporean citizenship or Permanent Residency must complete their National Service obligation before applying for the Jedi Masters Program.

If you still have any queries regarding JuMP, please contact us at STGSingSchoolPartnership@lucasfilm.com. We are unable to provide any support for job-related queries; please refer to jobs.lucasfilm.com for job postings.



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Lucasfilm Internships


What internships are available at Lucasfilm Singapore?
Lucasfilm Singapore supports local Polytechnics and Universities in taking on students as part of their IAP (Industrial Attachment Programme). The length and timing of the internships depend on the school's internship program as well as Lucafilm Singapore's production schedules.

Interns will provide administrative and back-up support to the production and IT teams while gaining an opportunity to learn first-hand about production environments and processes.

Who is eligible to apply?
In order to be eligible for an internship, you MUST be a Singapore-based student, affliated with a local school, who will return to your academic studies upon completion of the internship. The internship is NOT open to recent graduates.

When is the next intake of interns?
For our next intake, please refer to the Internships page or jobs.lucasfilm.com.

How do I apply?
All applicants must complete an online profile. Your application will not be reviewed if we do not have your profile on file by the submission deadline. Application materials include:
· Cover letter, including the dates of your availability for an internship
· Resume, listing skillsets and software knowledge
· Contact list of three references
· School transcripts, for enrollment verfication

What if I am a recent graduate?
Since this internship is not open to recent graduates, we encourage you to apply for an apprenticeship through the Jedi Masters Program. Please refer to About JuMP and Upcoming Track for more information.

For a full-time position at the studio, please check for available positions at jobs.lucasfilm.com

I am a student at a university outside of Singapore. Am I still eligible for an internship with Lucasfilm Singapore?
We are currently only accepting interns from local institutions/schools. We are unable to address the needs of students studying outside of Singapore.

I am a Singaporean/PR and am currently studying overseas, but I am keen to apply for an internship with Lucasfilm Singapore. My family lives in Singapore and accommodation is not an issue.
Unfortunately, to be eligible, you have to be part of an IAP (Industrial Attachment Programme) with a school in Singapore.

How long is the internship?
Internships last between 10-20 weeks, depending on the type of IAP offered by your school and our production needs.

How can I check on the status of my application?
You will receive a confirmation by email once you’ve applied online and we’ve received your application submission. However, due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to provide updates on the status of individual applications.

Is the internship paid?
Yes, Interns are paid a stipend.

Are the internships full-time?
Yes, all internships are full-time, 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday.

Is there an opportunity to be hired full-time after completing my internship?
Depending on the open positions in the studio, the fit of the candidate to the role, and their performance during the internship, we will be happy to have interns come back to full-time positions with us after graduation.



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